UTLC and Lithuanian Railways sign the Chinese cargo transit agreement

Moscow, April 19. – JSC United Transport and Logistics Company and the state-owned Lietuvosgelezinkeliai (Lithuanian Railways) signed a cooperation agreement that will allow arranging for cargo transit from China via Lithuania. The agreement was signed on the site of the Global Show of Transport and Logistics Services and Technologies, TransRussia-2017.


“The agreement we reached will enable us to offer advantageous conditions of cargo transportation from China via Lithuania to Poland and other European countries to our customers,” commented Mantas Bartushka, General Manager, Lietuvosgelezinkeliai. He noted that Lithuania faces the excellent opportunities “to occupy a significant place on the transport map of the future.”

The pilot voyages in the trans-continental route are to be launched this summer. “In the future, we hope for regular transportation of container trains,” added Bartushka to TASS.