UTLC has shipped the 700th container train on the route China-Europe - China since the beginning of the year

Moscow, September 21. JSC United Transport and Logistics Company (JSC UTLC) has dispatched 700 container trains from China to Europe and in the opposite direction through the stations Dostyk / Altynkol - Brest - Dostyk since the beginning of the year.


A jubilee 700th train in 2016 departed on 17th of August from Chongqing (China) to Duisburg (Germany). The train included forty one 40' containers.

Container trains of ULTC running along the route Dostyk / Altynkol - Brest - Dostyk cover a distance of 5,43 thousand kilometer for 5,5 days. The first container train was dispatched in February 2015. Since the launch of the integrated service, more than 90 thousand TEU (equivalent of 20-foot container) had been transported. Trains are dispatched on average about 20 times per week, travelling speed - more than 1,000 km per day.

Volume of container transportation of JSC UTLC along the route China-Europe-China in 2015 (the year of the beginning of the company's operations) amounted to 47,4 thousand TEU. According to the results of 8 months of 2016, more than 54,28 thousand TEU have been shipped. For 2016, about 90 thousand TEU are planned to be transported, a double increase to the previous year.