UTLC Accepts Containers from London to China for Transportation

BREST, April 17. – JSC United Transport and Logistics Company accepted a group of containers departing from London with destination to Yiwu station, south eastern coast of China, for transportation in a regular container train in the U East (Brest-Dostyk) service.


The containers loaded with consumer goods were transferred from Polish Railways to Brest Northern station, Belarusian Railway, for transshipment and shipment in a 1520 mm track across Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.

In the Dostyk station of Kazakhstan railways, the train will pass to a 1435 mm track of Chinese railways and will depart to Iu destination station.

The development program of Western and Central regions of China and the Chinese Government policy that encourages a wider use of land routes for export and import transportation create important conditions for shifting cargo flows to railways.

“Sending of the first container consignment from London to China signals a new point of emergence of a cargo flow for UTLC’s regular services, which points to the rail transport competitiveness and appeal,” comments Alexey Grom, UTLC President. “In this connection, we can’t but note the Silk Way Economic Belt initiative announced by the Chinese Government in 2013 and called One Belt, One Way. UTLC is tasked with efficient integration of the Silk Way Economic Belt and Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).”