JSC United Transport and Logistic Company publishes the financial results under the Russian accounting standards (RAS) for 2016

Moscow, February 28. Following the results of 2016 the net profit of JSC United Transport and Logistic Company (JSC UTLC) was 13 845 million rubles against the loss of 20 654 million rubles a year earlier.


Company's net profit (excluding the effect of revaluation of shares of PJSC TransContainer and the dividends received from PJSC TransContainer) increased by 5.2 times to the indicator in 2015, equal to 101 million rubles, to 523 million rubles in 2016.

Revenue from the Company's RAS for 12 months of 2016 increased by 3.9 times up to 8 314 million rubles compared to 2 115 million rubles a year earlier.

The profit of JSC UTLC from sales in the reporting period increased by 6.3 times to the level of 2015 with indicator of 117 million rubles to 742 million rubles.

The volume of transit traffic from Asia to Europe through the territory of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus by container trains of JSC UTLC in 2016 amounted to 101 thousand TEU (equivalent of twenty-foot container) and more than 2 times exceeded the indicator of 2015, when 47 thousand TEU was transported.