UTLC launches 30th Regular Service in China/Europe/China Destination

Moscow, December 14. - A new regular service for shipment of container trains in the China/Europe trade was set up in the base route by United Transportation and Logistics Company JSC (UTLC JSC).


Pilot shipments of container trains in the Hamburg/ Chongqing destination took place last November. The trains have been weekly complied since December. Thus, the number of regular routes in UTLC services reached 30.

“Raising new volumes for transportation in U East service is of special significance for UTLC, because each additional cargo flow in the Europe/China destination is factored in enhancing efficiency of the rolling stock utilization and cost-cutting.

Back-loading (West/East) accounts for 50% of UTLC’s operations. “Our objective is to foster growth of this indicator and to find new growth points in partnership with European companies,” comments Alexey Grom, UTLC JSC President.

UTLC container trains that follow the Dostyk/ Altynkol/ Brest/ Dostyk route , cover the distance of 5,430,000 km in 5 days. The first container train was shipped in February 2015. Trains depart approx. 20 times a week and move with the speed of over 1,000 km/day.