The President

Grom Aleksey Nikolaevich

The President, Chairman of the Management Board, Member of the Board of Directors

Grom Aleksey was born on September 10, 1971 in Moscow.

In 1993, he graduated from Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT) majoring in "The organization of transportation and management on railway transport". In 2006, he graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics with the assignment of the "Master" degree.

He began his career in 1993 in the partnership with limited liability "System".

In late 1997, he was appointed Director General of CJSC "Transcom". In 2000, he worked as the head of transport services sales department of CJSC "Company "Russian World."

In 2001-2003, he held the position of Deputy Director for Logistics of CJSC "YUKOS-RM".

Since 2003 – the Director General of CJSC YUKOS-Transservice.

In 2007, he was appointed First Deputy, and later, Director General of LLC "Firm "Transgarant".

Since January 2008 - Managing Director, Member of the Management Board, Vice-President of Railway Division of LLC "Management Company" FESCO Transportation Group".

Since 2009 - Member of the Presidium of the Self-Regulating Organization of the Union of Participants of the Market for Services of Railway Rolling Stock Operators. In 2011, he was elected to the Board of Directors of JSC TransContainer.

Since 2012 - member of the Supervisory Board of JSC "VMPT" and the Board of Directors of Nurminen Logistics Plc.

Since January 2012 - Vice-President of the Railway Division, First Vice-President of JSC Far Eastern Shipping Company.

Since 2014 - Member of the Board of Directors of Rail Pro LLC. In May 2014, he was appointed First Deputy Director General of LLC PO UTLC, in January 2016 - First Vice-President of JSC UTLC.

Since 2016 - Member of the Board of Directors of Coalco Development (Coalco Development LLC). Since March 29, 2016 - the President of JSC UTLC. 

Since April 2, 2018 to date - the President of JSC UTLC ERA and concurrently the President of JSC UTLC. 

Married, has three children.