Joint-stock company United Transport and Logistics Company – Eurasian Rail Alliance deals with cargo container transportations in part of regular container trains in traffic China - Europe along the territories of EAEU countries: Republic of Kazakhstan, Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus.

About the Company

The Shareholders of JSC United Transport and Logistics Company – Eurasian Rail Alliance are: JSC Russian Railways, the National Union Belarusian Railway and JSC National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy.
The operator of transit container service in the traffic China-Europe - China defines the increase in traffic using the railway infrastructure of the EAEC countries as a key goal. The main advantages of the Company include, among other things: pricing policy, speed, rhythm and regularity of service, simplified document flow through the introduction of a unified information system and the use of electronic consignment note, as well as reputational privilege of the project - a parity alliance of three member states.
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President's letter

Dear Customers and Partners,

JSC UTLC celebrated its 4th anniversary in 2018. Numerous landmark events occurred in the Company over that time: the business model and the development strategy were adjusted and updated; the team of the industry’s best professionals was created; the record high transportation volumes were achieved. Together with you, we found the ways to develop and improve our business.

With constant improvement of UTLC JSC transit services, the railway container industry in general was expanded in the 1520 mm track space. Moreover, our Chinese and European partners can also be pleased with the past-period performance. Our common performance expressed in the double-digit growth in transit transportation volume in the last two years is an excellent illustration of our partnership in Eurasian railway communications in the China/ Europe/ China corridor, and our common success largely depends on integration of all those involved in transportation.

Yet, amid these positive developments, I would like to note one more event that occurred in April 2018 and to dwell on it a bit more than on transportation figures and development plans.

On April 2, 2018 JSC ULTC restructuring was finalized and resulted in our three shareholders – JSC Russian Railways, JSC NK Kazakhstan Temir Zholy and NU Belarusian Railway – becoming the parity partners with the 33.33% stake each. The Company was renamed into Joint-stock company United Transport and Logistics Company – Eurasian Rail Alliance (JSC UTLC ERA).

On the one hand, nothing has changed in terms of operating business. From the outset, we have pursued our business bearing in mind the interests of all JV participants, as if this parity at the share capital level has existed from the very beginning. On the other, these changes are indicative of consistent observance of all agreements between shareholders, the strengthening of partnership towards addressing of the particular business objectives.

We, the Company’s management, believe that attainment of the targeted parity is the most important step in JSC UTLC ERA development, which should be reflected in the production and financial performance.

Partnership within JSC UTLC ERA is not a private club. We strived to establish an open company, yet, the companies in the 1435 mm track space are the key users of our transit service. Taking this opportunity, I would like to address our Chinese and European partners and assure them that JSC UTLC ERA will always be their reliable partner. Our transportation volume target, 1 Million TEUs, remains unchanged, and its achievement is our common goal. We develop the Eurasian railway space together! Our doors are open so wide as they have never been to partnership. We achieve excellent results when we join our efforts, competencies and technologies.

I suggest that we should move beyond and devise even more ambitious plans relying on the high level of our partnership, interaction and good neighbor relations!

Alexey Grom